It took me four years to paint like Rafaël,

but a lifetime to paint like a child,

(Pablo Picasso)


ArtKids (our own artist!) makes paintings (and other works of art) inspired through drawings (spontaneous scratches) by children.

We convert simple drawings by children to unique and personal, handmade oil-paintings.


Usually we see the children stand a few inches taller, when they see their painting (made by our artist Tamara), and the parents use to be surprised to discover that they have an artist in the family. This tells we build up the self-confidence of children.

Since most people have been a child, or have children around, there is a good possibility to use the ArtKids-concept in PR-campaigns, educational projects, trainings, relation marketing, special and personal gifts and in charity projects.



ArtKids, the passion

The "business tool" is: ArtKids makes (oil)paintings (and art) inspired by simple spontaneous made drawings by little children.


The program for life, we have been taught was:

1) get a good education

2) 40 years, 40 hours a week working for another.

3) retire

After working about sixteen year for social services ( Amsterdam) I concluded I was nearly dead. The program didn't work for me. I stopped, and started working for myself, as a copywriter. After a few years being a copywriter wasn't fulfulling me either.

In the meantime I met Tamara (she's now my girl-friend, wife, and business-partner, and our artist). Some social worker told Tamara that Soraya (daughter of Tamara) wasn't happy. At school Soraya was always busy with other things.

After some sleepless nights Tamara found some drawings by Soraya, and Tamara saw big smiles on the faces of the puppets.

That inspired Tamara to paint. Soraya grew when she saw the paintings (recognition and attention). We tried the same with the drawings by the children of our relatives. The children's reactions were the same. The parents used to say things like: “We didn’t know we had an artist in the family.”

Tamara and Hans noticed such happiness that we decided to build up good concept to make the world happier and ourselves too.

Since then we show many children (and their parents) they have more talents….



Tamara, Soraya and Hans



© ArtKids